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The Peter Tivy Integrated Tree represents a reasonable organization for the Tivy tree.  This organization has the following characteristics:

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Tivy Town?

In Texas, Kerrville specifically, there was a Captain Joseph A. Tivy who donated land for public school use. So many things are named Tivy in that town, includiing the school system. More info is available at the Kerrville Chamber of Commerce.

Family Trees

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Peter Tivy Integrated Tree

Submitted by James William Tivy (of Vancouver). This is a fully integrated tree.

Norman Tivy Tree

This is part of the integrated tree above but allows quick access.

Thomas Tivy Tree

The tree below was researched and submitted by Glen Heiney. Glen Heiney

For the full Thomas Tivy descendancy chart, including GoodFellow and Doherty click on the link below.  Note: this tree is not in "standard format" as described above.

Thomas Tivy 1775

Below is just the Tivy part of the tree, which has been extracted

1-- Thomas TIVY Col.-2189 (1775-1835)
 sp-Susanna BRITTON-2190 (1775-1823)
    2-- Samuel TIVY-3733 (1801)
    2-- Catherine TIVY-2021 (1803-1887)
     sp-John GOODFELLOW-2020 (1791-1876)
    2-- Alfred TIVY-3732 (1805)
     sp-M. A. BEATON-3737 (1805)
    2-- Rebecca TIVY-3731 (1807)
    2-- Mary TIVY-3730 (1809)
     sp-James THOMPSON-3736 (1809)
    2-- William TIVY-3729 (1811)
     sp-C. MALLONEY-3735 (1811)
    2-- Anne TIVY-3728 (1813-1815)
    2-- Susanna TIVY-3727 (1815-1823)
    2-- Joseph Albert TIVY-3726 (1818-1856)
    2-- Caroline TIVY-3725 (1820-1823)
    2-- Nancy Anne TIVY-3724 (1823-1888)
     sp-Ebenezer TODD-3734 (1813-1884)